America's Labor Heritage: Building Your Unions Poster. Featuring artwork by Ralph Fasanella

America's Labor Heritage: Building Your Unions Poster

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Poster Artwork Details

Features the artwork, Building Your Unions by Ralph Fasanella, 1950

Produced by The Fasanella Public Domain Project, 1989. An Initiative to Place the Paintings of Ralph Fasanella in Museums and Public Institutions.

Poster Dimensions: 21" w x 29 1/4" h

Text on poster:

'Give us bread...and roses, too' Fill our minds, our souls, our hearts. Help us to find beauty, as well as security. In "Build Your Union," with its multi-level, multi-use union hall, Fasanella exhorts us to broaden the labor movement's mission beyond economic struggle. With its jazz hall and meeting hall, its classroom, theater, bookstore and coffee shop, this fantastic union headquarters becomes much more- a place for members, their families and neighbors to learn about their history together as a community.

Fasanella dedicates this painting from the Fifties to an inspirational labor - the Labor Museum and Learning Center of Michigan.