America's Labor Heritage: Welcome Home Boys Poster featuring the artwork by Ralph Fasanella, Welcome Home Boys, 1953. Sales of pre-printed posters fulfilled by Museums.Co

America's Labor Heritage: Welcome Home Boys

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Poster Artwork Details

Features the artwork, Welcome Home Boys by Ralph Fasanella, 1953

Produced by The Fasanella Public Domain Project, 1988. An Initiative to Place the Paintings of Ralph Fasanella in Museums and Public Institutions.

Poster Dimensions: 28" w x 20" h

Text on poster:

In the Mid-Forties, soldiers returned home from Europe and the Pacific and exchanged uniforms for work clothes. But when they tried to regain the earning power they had lost during the "no strike", profit-rich war years, they were turned back at the factory gate. At the same time, women who had worked side by side with men in heavy industry during the war years launched their bid for equal wages. "Welcome Home, Boys" pays tribute to the returning soldier, and to the struggle of women workers.