President Kennedy speaks at Rice University

President Kennedy speaks at Rice University

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President Kennedy speaks before a crowd of 35,000 people at Rice University in the football field. We have adapted a copy of the original photo to elegantly display on the artblock product. 

A high resolution digital image of this wonderful poster has been printed on matte finish fine art paper, mounted to masonite board, and then finished in a 2-inch deep hard wood frame which has been hand-stained in your choice of black or white. All artblocks use images reproduced in their entirety, without cropping or over-printing with text. A label printed with all the relevant info about the drawing is affixed to the back of each product. Arrives at your door complete with an easy to use self-leveling hanging kit but product is designed to sit upright on a shelf.

Approximate sizes (as mounted on the wall):

S - 10.14" wide x 14.5" tall x 2" deep

M - 14.27" wide x 20.5" tall x 2" deep

L - 19.78" wide x 28.5" tall x 2" deep