American Tragedy Poster. Featuring artwork by Ralph Fasanella

American Tragedy Poster

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Features the artwork, American Tragedy by Ralph Fasanella, 1964

Lithographed by Philmark Lithographics - New York City

Poster Dimensions: 20 7/8" h x 36" w

Text on poster:

Through the images of the civil rights movement in American Tragedy, the Kennedy motorcade drives toward the Texas Book Depository, while the staunchly conservative Barry Goldwater's political parade comes out the other side. The Depository features Klansmen, members of the John Birch Society, a neon sign for the fictional nightclub "Ruby's Carousel", and the solitary figure of Oswald pointing his rifle. A composite of Goldwater and Lyndon Johnson rides roughshod over Kennedy's grave. A Klansmen leads a dance of celebration around a Devil's mask shaped like a mushroom cloud, and oil wells double as missile silos to form a symbol of American money and power.