America's Labor Heritage: May Day Poster featuring the artwork by Ralph Fasanella, May Day, 1948. Sales of pre-printed posters fulfilled by Museums.Co

America's Labor Heritage: May Day

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Poster Artwork Details

Features the artwork, May Day by Ralph Fasanella, 1948

Produced by New York State Historical Association and Ralph and Eva Fasanella. Printed by Philmark Lithographics, Inc.

Poster Dimensions: 28" w x 20" h

Text on poster:

Ralph Fasanella, a former union organizer, painted this scene to commemorate the massive annual parades that celebrated the international workers' holiday on May 1st. These events often drew hundreds of thousands of marchers into the streets of New York and other major cities during the 1930s. In this painting, the marchers converge on New York's Union Square at left, while at the right Fasanella depicts the society that the workers sought to create - a spacious, humane place where working people have the freedom to discover and enjoy the world they helped to build.