America's Labor Heritage: The Daily News Strike Poster featuring the artwork by Ralph Fasanella, The Daily News Strike,  1993. Sales of pre-printed posters fulfilled by Museums.Co

America's Labor Heritage: The Daily News Strike Poster

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Poster Artwork Details

Features the artwork, Red Sky by Ralph Fasanella, 1976

Produced by The Fasanella Public Domain Project, 1989. An Initiative to Place the Paintings of Ralph Fasanella in Museums and Public Institutions.

Poster Dimensions: 25" w x 19" h

Text on poster:

Generations of men, women, and children paraded through the gates of textile mills to toil for the necessities of life. With "the constant crash of machinery in their ears and the moist, lint-laden air in their lungs", their cries for fresh air and "God's glorious sunshine" could be heard with agonizing regularity. The powerful image of Fasanella's "Red Sky" evokes the courage of workers in today's mills, factories, construction sites, offices and schoolrooms, who often endure pain and injury as they labor to create the wealth and prosperity of their communities.