America's Labor Heritage: The Great Strike - Lawrence, 1912 Poster featuring the artwork by Ralph Fasanella, The Great Strike - Lawrence, 1912, 1978. Sales of pre-printed posters fulfilled by Museums.Co

America's Labor Heritage: The Great Strike - Lawrence, 1912

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Features the artwork, The Great Strike - Lawrence, 1912 by Ralph Fasanella, 1978

Produced by Public Domain Project, 1990. An Initiative to Place the Paintings of Ralph Fasanella in Museums and Public Institutions.

Poster Dimensions: 28" w x 20" h

Text on poster:

During the victorious textile strike of 1912, thousands of men, women, and children walke out of the mills of Lawrence, Massachusetts, demanding a work week shortened to 54 hours with no speedup or reduction in pay. They were led by Wobbly leaders Big Bill Haywood, Elizabeth Gurley Flynn and Italian poet Arturo Giovannitti. "You got so many nationalities together," said artist Fasanella. "Slovaks, Italians, Irish, Lebanese, a lot of Jewish people, Polish people - thirty-five nationalities in all! And they were able to get together and make a language of their own, and it kind of held them together."