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Cornelius III by Leo Lionni

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Cornelius, the crocodile, is a little different from the other crocodiles--he walks upright. Cornelius thinks the other crocodiles don't like him until he discovers them trying to copy his actions. Delighting readers of all ages since 1994, now the book art is available as a fine art print for display on your wall to bring joy into children's (young and old) lives.

An artist estate-approved, high resolution digital image of this wonderful book artwork has been printed on matte finish fine art paper surrounded by white border to give the appearance that it is matted when inserted alone in a frame. A certificate printed with all the relevant info about the original painting is included with each product. When the print has been framed, the certificate can be affixed to the back of the frame to remind you of the important details relative to the original artwork. Print and certificate are rolled with tissue paper to protect against dust before being packaged in a mailing tube then overpackaged in a corrugated triangular shipping container.

Product sizes:

S - 11" x 14" paper dimension (6.66" x 11" printed image)

M - 16" x 20" paper dimension (9.71" x 16" printed image)

L - 22" x 28" paper dimension (13.95" x 23" printed image)

XL - 32" x 40" paper dimension (20.63" x 34" printed image)